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Dill 30-pack

Dill 30-pack

Grow fresh Dill in your indoor herb garden! Dill's no one-trick pony - make the most of this herb by using the entire plant in nourishing soups, salads, stews and drinks...and (obviously) pickles! Apart from giving an appetising flavour and taste, it has many medicinal properties. Do your body and your taste buds a favour and start growing dill today! Click & Grow Dill benefits: Growing dill in our indoor gardens requires 0 effort or input from you. Easy! One ounce of dill offers 43 percent of the vitamin A you need in a day, and 40 percent of the recommended amount of vitamin C. You also get 18 percent of the manganese, 11 percent of the folate, and 10 percent of the iron. What that does for the body is a lot. Unlike store-bought dill, with Click & Grow you can be sure your consuming the freshest most nutritious dill ever. And did we mention we don't use any pesticides or herbicides? Dill sprouts fast

Pack size 30-pack
Shungiku Plant Pods 9-pack

Shungiku Plant Pods 9-pack

Grow fresh shungiku in your indoor garden! Also known as crown daisy, shungiku is a staple leafy green in many Asian cuisines. The key ingredient for many stir fries, stews, casseroles and hotpots, this chrysanthemum green is easy to grow in your Click & Grow smart garden. Shungiku should be very lightly cooked so that they retain their crunchy texture and flavour. Add to dishes last for maximum flavour! Click & Grow shungiku benefits: This leafy green is a great source of vitamins and antioxidants Fresh and clean, no GMO's, no herbicides or pesticides. Premium fresh greens! The smart garden will do all the work for you. Just harvest and enjoy! Garden-to-plate experience right in your own kitchen!

Pack size 9-pack
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