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    Here at Click & Grow, we're a bunch of daydreamers. We often wonder "What if...?", and then try to turn those fantasies into reality. And we're super excited when we find people who do the same.

    What if Earth would have Saturn's rings?
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    What if Earth would have Saturn's rings?

  • Just last week I attended the 28th EFFoST (The European Federation of Food, Science and Technology) conference in Uppsala, Sweden and did some notes.

    Today it is estimated that the world population might rise to 10.5bln inhabitants by 2050. As some of us are starving already, it would mean that we would need to produce 75% more food! Yet, we are already using 90% of the arable land on the planet. Since we are losing huge amounts of land due to soil depletion every year, and we don't want to cultivate all parts of the remaining rain forests, we need to seek for solutions. 

    The Future of Food
    Food Science Sustainability

    The Future of Food

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