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4 Reasons Why Plants Would Make Great Superheroes

We all know the usual reasons for someone having plants around - they're pretty to look at, they produce oxygen, they remove harmful substances from the air, as well as CO2 (yay Polar bears!). But there is a lot more to them than you think...

1. Plants bring peace to this world Have you ever noticed how much calmer you feel in the Botanical garden or around your mom's herb pots? Touching, smelling and looking at plants relieves stress and makes you feel more harmonized. Studies have shown this effect to be even stronger - the more potted plants there are in the office, the less sick days the employees take. So in addition to stocking up with ginger, lemon and kiwis during the flu season, get yourself some flowers as well.

2. Plants help you get shit done You know all those productivity apps you've installed on your phone? Well, it's time to install some plants. It is proven that plants make people much more productive (we actually wrote about it here), and make you fly through those to-do lists of yours even faster than your boss breathing on your neck. But before you run to the florists for some tulips, note that potted plants are much more worth the investment - they last longer, and the effect is stronger.

3. Plants take care of your senses Sometimes our lives are going so fast that we end up not enjoying anything, not sensing, not feeling anything. We don't pay attention to the taste and the color intensity of food, the smell of your daily coffee, or the sleekness of your Mac. When you find yourself in this misery, try growing a plant (herbs would be the best choice as they have a very intense aroma) on your table, and your senses will come back in no time. Especially if you start from the seeds. That's a promise.

4. Plants are the tidiest pets in the world We've noticed that people tend to get very attached to their Smartpots and Smart Herb Gardens - from the very first sprouts, the plants become their effortless pets. It's actually very smart - no barking, no chewed shoes, no pee-smelling carpets, no poop in the most unexpected places. Don't get us wrong, we love dogs (we really, really do), but even we have to admit - plants make AWESOME pets. Especially when connected to technology to bring the emotional contact to a new level.

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