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Gardener of the Month - Transplanting Queen Natacha from Spain

Gardener of the Month - Transplanting Queen Natacha from Spain

Spring is in full swing, which means lots and lots of gardening for all the green thumbs out there... including our community members! We are excited to introduce you our next “Gardener of the Month” - Natacha from Barcelona, Spain!  Natacha got herself a Click & Grow for Christmas in 2022, and has been actively experimenting with growing her own seeds and transplanting her (exotic!) plants outdoors. We spoke to Natacha to learn more about her gardening experience and we look forward to sharing her story with you!


 Natacha and her little tamarillo plants


What does gardening mean to you and what role does it play in your life?

For me, gardening is a profound connection to nature that significantly enhances my quality of life. Growing up on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, I was fortunate to be surrounded by lush landscapes and a vast garden. This early exposure instilled in me a deep appreciation for the natural world. Now, living in an apartment in Barcelona, Spain, gardening brings a touch of the vibrant, tropical beauty of my island to my new urban environment. It is incredibly fulfilling to watch my plants thrive; each new leaf and bloom brings me immense joy. Through hydroponics, I have adapted this passion to suit my smaller living space.

Natacha's indoor gardening station 

When did you start growing with us and what has been the highlight of your indoor gardening journey?

I began my gardening journey when I gifted myself a Click and Grow for Christmas in 2022. I was immediately impressed by how user-friendly and versatile the device was. Despite having no prior experience in gardening, everything I planted thrived exceptionally well, which was a delightful surprise. The highlight of my gardening journey came about six months later when I started experimenting with my own seeds. I ventured into growing exotic fruits like tamarillo, maracuya, and hot peppers, as well as more common greens that are staples in Creole cuisine, such as pak choi. This diversification not only expanded my garden but also brought the flavors and aromas of my native Reunion Island into my Barcelona home.


Transplanted exotic plants thriving outdoors 


Which plants do you enjoy growing the most and why?

My favorite plant to grow is definitely hot peppers. I have a deep love for spicy food, which has turned growing peppers into something of an addiction for me. I'm constantly on the lookout for the hottest varieties to cultivate. Among my collection are some of the world's fiercest peppers, including Carolina Reapers, Trinidad Scorpions, and Bhut Jolokia.


What advice would you give new growers?

My top advice for new growers is to confidently invest in "Grow Anything" pods and start using your own seeds. This approach not only works effectively but also opens up endless possibilities for what you can cultivate. Using these pods, I have successfully grown several tamarillo plants, which are on their way to becoming trees, and even lemon trees—as you can see in the picture with me. It's a rewarding way to personalize your gardening experience and see tangible results from your efforts.


Thanks, Natacha, for sharing your experiences with us!

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