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3 Easy Ways to Use Your Smart Garden for an Outdoor Dinner

3 Easy Ways to Use Your Smart Garden for an Outdoor Dinner

Warm temperatures and blossoming greenery make summer a perfect time to enjoy an outdoor dinner. Here’s how you can use your self-growing indoor garden to prepare for the occasion:

1. Grow delicious greens for your salad

No evening dinner is complete without a serving of fresh salad. They’re healthy, very easy to make and extremely versatile. If you have any leftover salad, you can enjoy it later as a filling for your sandwich or as another side dish.

With your smart garden, you can grow the freshest, most nutritious salad greens possible. Choose from favourites such as green lettuce, green sorrel, green chard, arugula, and many more to suit your taste and preference.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing our plant pods are completely free from fungicides, pesticides, MSG, hormones, sodium nitrites, sulfites, trans fats and any other harmful substances that are commonly found in produce you get from grocery stores.

2. Grow herbs for exotic cocktails & garnishes

Cocktails add a touch of flamboyance to your dinner. With a smart garden, you can give your cocktails a delicious herbal upgrade. Ask any mixologist and they’ll tell you that using the freshest herbs can turn a good cocktail into an excellent one.

Some delicious, fresh Click & Grow plants you can grow for cocktails include: basil, thai basil, cilantro, peppermint, lavender, oregano, rosemary, sage, and thyme. Check out these herbal cocktail recipes for inspiration:

You can also use herbs you’ve grown to garnish your meals. Garnishes brighten your plate and can be used to complement or add contrast to the flavours of your dish. Some herbs that are perfect for garnishing include basil, thyme, dill, cilantro, rosemary and lemon balm. Have fun experimenting!

3. Grow flowers for your table

Decorative plants can help set the mood for your meal. Growing your own fresh flowers is very easy with a smart garden. The Smart Garden 9 and Smart Garden 27 enable you to grow multiple varieties at the same time for beautiful arrangements. You could start growing them in your smart garden and then repot them outdoors to become the centerpiece of your table. Some popular, colourful flowers from our collection include: blue and pink petunias, red and black pansies and busy lizzie.

Enjoy a stress-free way to grow healthy, delicious plants this summer and beyond

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