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5 Spiritual Plants for a Blissful Home & Office

5 Spiritual Plants for a Blissful Home & Office

In the West, we tend to ignore the spiritual dimensions of plants. In other parts of the world, this isn’t the case.

When we understand how different plants affect a room, it enables us to create uplifting, energized environments.

Man smiling, sitting at an office desk with a Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 on the table.

Growing desktop plants with the Click & Grow Smart Garden 9

By filling your home or office with plants, you can experience a better sense of well-being. Even scientific research seems to confirm what our ancestors believed: greenery helps us feel more serene and grounded.

In this post, we’ll highlight some popular spiritual plants available to grow in your Click & Grow indoor garden.

1. Holy Basil

Originally from India, this herb’s name means ‘the incomparable one’. It’s revered as a healing plant, especially in Hinduism. In fact, many Indian homes and temples have holy basil plants growing inside them.

In some worship ceremonies, holy basil (also widely known as ‘tulsi’) is prayed to while mantras are chanted. A candle is lit near the plant and it’s worshipped twice daily. Many devotees believe the plant insures physical and spiritual health for them and their families.

In Ayurvedic medicine, holy basil is believed to support personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. Research even suggests that holy basil could be effective in treating chronic diseases and psychological stress. Its leaves and flowers (fresh or dried) can be used to make tea.

Holy basil is a low maintenance plant that’s super easy to grow in a Click & Grow smart garden. It sprouts within 2 weeks and you can harvest it between 5-12 weeks. It’s Ideal for growing in a Smart Garden 9 or a Smart Garden 27 as a centerpiece in your living room.

Click & Grow Holy Basil against a white backdrop.

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2. Garden Sage

Sage’s name is derived from the Latin word ‘salvere’, which means ‘to be saved’. It’s a popular herb for incense burning. In fact, Native Americans have been burning sage for hundreds of years.

Burning sage is seen as a way to restore a person’s energy or cleanse a particular living space. It’s also seen as a way to foster healing and promote wisdom.

During ancient times, sage was used to treat memory problems as well as digestive issues. Its status as a healing herb has never diminished.

Modern scientific research backs up the idea that sage can boost brain function. Its use is not limited to cooking. You can also add a leaf or two to your tea pot to make a soothing brew.

After conducting a round of clinical trials, scientists found that young people who take sage extract can benefit from improved memory, better moods, lower anxiety levels and less mental fatigue. There is even research to suggest sage could reduce agitation of patients suffering from dementia.

With a Click & Grow smart garden, you can grow sage to make a herbaceous incense. Learn how to make a smudge stick here. Sage sprouts within 2 weeks and you can harvest it between 5-12 weeks.

Click & Grow Garden Sage against a white backdrop.

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3. Peppermint

Believed to originate from the Mediterranean, peppermint has become one of the world’s favorite herbs. It’s refreshing aroma is a large part of its appeal.

In Victorian times, peppermint was seen as a symbol of virtue. The Roman author, Pliny the Elder, wrote about peppermint refreshing and recovering our spirits. He recommended wearing a peppermint wreath around the head to invigorate the mind and soul.

In some cultures, peppermint is believed to deter bad vibes, revive hopes and alleviate insomnia.

While peppermint can be used for incense, a more common usage is in tea. Peppermint tea contains peppermint oil and this could help to enhance alertness and concentration.

Click & Grow peppermint will sprout within 3 weeks. It appears to grow slowly at first. Once it gets going, it’ll produce plenty of stems.

You can harvest it between 5-12 weeks. Fill a Smart Garden 27 with peppermint pods for a seriously fresh smelling room.

Click & Grow Peppermint against a white backdrop.

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4. Thyme

Thyme enjoys a legendary status among herbs. Its name is said to come from the Greek word ‘thumos’ meaning ‘spiritedness’. This beautiful plant originated in southern Europe and has been cultivated for thousands of years.

Thyme is said to have a cleansing aura. It’s believed this plant brings good luck and shields you from negative energy.

In Ancient Greece, thyme was used in rituals and mixed into beverages to make them more intoxicating. The herb was also thought to guide the soul.

According to research, thyme contains properties which could complement the immune system. It can be used as a culinary herb or a tea herb.

Click & Grow thyme sprouts within 2 weeks and can be harvested between 5-12 weeks. Perfect for growing in a Smart Garden 3 or a Smart Garden 9 on your kitchen counter.

Click & Grow Thyme against a white backdrop.

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5. Rosemary

Rosemary is steeped in ancient folklore. Throughout history it’s been seen as a herb that offers comfort and protection.

The herb has also been connected to love and fidelity. One historical custom has been to give a sprig of rosemary to a recently married couple. This is said to inspire both lovers to be faithful to each other.

In early English folklore, rosemary was used by young girls to find out about their future husbands. They would find a rosemary bush on midsummer eve and place a plate of flour underneath it. It’s believed that when they returned, they found their future husband’s initials written on the plate.

According to research, rosemary’s aroma can help to reduce stress levels.

Click & Grow rosemary can take up to 3 weeks to sprout. It can be harvested up to 21 weeks from planting. Why not grow it as part of a herb collection in a Smart Garden 9 or Smart Garden 9 PRO? Use it in cooked dishes, fresh or dried.

Click & Grow Rosemary against a white backdrop.

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We hope you enjoy growing these indoor plants for their healing properties. Many people have found that these plants attract positivity, good fortune and positive vibes. Furthermore, plants can purify the air. Even science is attesting to their mental health benefits.

The spiritual realm isn’t only for monks or people living in a perfect state of bliss. We can also enjoy a taste of it through the plants we grow. With a deeper connection to nature we can construct happier, more fulfilling lives.

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