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6 Houseplants to Brighten up Your Bathroom

6 Houseplants to Brighten up Your Bathroom

Why limit houseplants to your living room, bedroom and kitchen? Your bathroom deserves some greenery too.

In fact, many plants are perfectly poised to thrive in humid bathroom environments.

Why not get one of these to brighten your bathroom decor?

1. Spider plant

Don’t be fooled by the name of this plant, it’s by no means scary! A spider plant will help purify the air and frequently sprout new buds which you can either keep or give away. Requires watering no more than twice a week.

2. Orchid

Orchids are tropical plants. They enjoy living in humid environments and would go perfectly on a bathroom windowsill, just out of direct sunlight. Orchids can be bought in a very diverse range of colours so you’re bound to find one that suits your bathroom decor.

3. Fern

Ferns love low light and humidity, which are standard conditions in many bathrooms. They are flowerless and grow easily, requiring very little maintenance. This makes them ideal if you have a busy schedule.

4. Bamboo

Bamboo inspires peace and tranquility. Having bamboo in your bathroom will bring you a moment of calm when you’re rushing to get ready in the morning. It grows in virtually any light and can live in a vase of water.

5. Bromeliad

A tropical plant that comes in many colourful varieties and can thrive in humid bathrooms with bright, indirect sunlight. Bromeliads draw moisture from the air, so it’s worth ensuring the soil in the pot is moist but not wet.

6. Gardenia

If you prefer to take cooler showers, Gardenia may be your ideal bathroom plant. Gardenias are tropical plants that appreciate stable temperatures without any sudden drafts of bursts of heat. They also enjoy wet conditions with bright, indirect lighting.

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