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6 Reasons To Date (Or Even Fall In Love With) A Gardener

6 Reasons To Date (Or Even Fall In Love With) A Gardener

Gardeners possess some of the finest qualities around. Tending to a garden requires creativity, patience, kindness and empathy among many other traits... And importantly, gardeners often possess a great sense of humour and a relaxed attitude towards life.

Here’s why a gardener will rock your world...

1. They’ll Make Time For You

It takes a lot of patience to cultivate an outdoor garden. You’ve got to spend hours caring for the plants and getting your hands dirty... But gardeners do it because they love their garden. Seeing the fruits of their labour makes the process worthwhile. Relationships require patience through difficult times. Gardeners are some of the most patient people around.

2. They Care A Lot About Their Other Halves

Observe most gardeners and you’ll notice their love extends beyond plants to all living things. They naturally come across as very caring people, making sure whoever’s in their company is taken care of. This natural tendency towards caring can lead to blissful romances.

3. They Are Content With Life

Gardeners tend to have an appreciation for the finer things in life - things that money cannot buy. They value nature’s miracles and cherish any little progress made by their plants.

Happiness is contagious. A gardener’s love for nature will help you see life from a new perspective.

4. They Keep Themselves Active

Gardening can be a physically demanding activity. Any gardener working outdoors is naturally taking care of their physical fitness. A healthy partner is often a happy partner. A happy partner will boost your mood and improve the dynamics of your relationship.

5. They Make Deep, Lasting Connections

A strong relationship requires a deep bond between both partners. Gardeners are very likely to create such bonds. They already value a deep connection with earth, plantlife and gardening. Their propensity for lasting connections extends to romantic relationships.

6. They’re Hands-on (And Don’t Mind Getting Dirty)

Interpret this one any way you like. Gardeners have a tremendous amount of fortitude. They do what it takes to make their gardens grow and don’t mind getting their hands dirty in the process. Such resilience bodes well for any relationship.

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