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6 Stunning Home Office Plants from Click & Grow

6 Stunning Home Office Plants from Click & Grow

One of the benefits of working from home is that you get to design and decorate your own working space. Growing plants is an awesome way to do this! In addition to their natural beauty, research has shown that plants can increase our productivity.

With a Smart Garden 3 and a Smart Garden 9 you can easily grow your favourite plants on your desktop, shelf, filing cabinet or windowsill. A Smart Garden 27 enables you to grow even more plants and comes with a beautifully designed plant stand. With over 60 plant pods to choose from, you’re bound to find some that will look perfect in your office. For inspiration, check out these popular decorative plants from our collection:

1. Pink Petunia

Petunias are perfect for bringing positive vibes to your office. Their sweet-smelling fragrance can lift your mood during a hectic day and the colour pink is both soft and calming. Ideal for offices in need of some natural beauty and colour.


2. Blue Petunia

Blue petunia produces vibrant blue and violet flowers. Like its sibling, pink petunia, it possesses a sweet fragrance that can lighten your mood. The colour blue has been known to induce feelings of security and calmness, ideal for times of stress.


3. Red Pansy

Red pansies can instantly transform a lackluster office into a lively workspace. The sight of their rich red hues can leave you feeling energised for the day ahead. If you work in a creative field, red pansies are a perfect way to show flair and personality.


4. Busy Lizzie

Busy lizzies will give your office a welcoming, homely appearance. Their cute, colourful blooms are a beautiful contrast to more conservative office colours such as grey and back. Perfect for giving your office a cosy vibe.


5. Cockscomb

If you want your office to really stand out among all other rooms in the house, grow cockscomb. Its luscious flowers will add a spike of colour to your office, making you feel like you’ve stepped into a tropical garden. Its flowers can also be used to garnish your lunch or dinner!


6. Painted Nettle

Painted nettle is a must have for any stylish office. Its yellow, red and purple leaves look like they’ve been intricately hand painted. They work very well as a focal point and can also be used to complement other flowers.


To learn more about what us, visit us at Discover how our self-growing gardens make it possible to grow fresh, organic plants from the comfort of your home.

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