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Andrew Zimmern On The Future Of Food

Andrew Zimmern On The Future Of Food


If you haven't heard of Andrew Zimmern yet, know that he's not only the host of Bizarre Foods, but also one of the most fascinating chefs (and travellers) out there, and always has something to say about anything food-related. Recently, John Biggs sat down with him for Technotopia to have a chat about the future of food. There, Andrew covered the biggest food-related issues we are facing today and how the thinks they should be solved:

"I believe the solution to our problem is not to all decide on what the best way to approach this is, but to engage all the tools in our arsenal, mostly because the problem is so big."

He also clearly stated his position on sugar, feeding our children, and the food crisis in America, which we could not agree with more:

"Eating well in America is a class issue. That to me is not an embarrassment, that's not shameful. To me, that's criminal. Everyone in America should be entitled to eat wholesome, good food. This is the greatest culture, the richest economy, the most amazing country in the history of the world, and we can't feed every American wholesome, good food? That's criminal."

Give this one a listen, and share it with your friends! It's a good one.


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