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Avoid The Monday Morning Rut At Work

Avoid The Monday Morning Rut At Work

Do you find yourself often feeling unmotivated or extra drowsy at work, more than your usually Monday mornings? Well, we might have the solution you are looking for! Studies have found that having an indoor plant, or garden, at the office can be seen to increase productivity, creativity, and reduce stress, we all want to live stress-free.

Lavender and Rosemary are two plants in specific that when grown can help reduce stress and boost creativity.

Lavender in specific was used in a study to help calm patients during a visit to the dentist. Just the mere smell of lavender was able to give the patients an overall sense of calmness, which could be more than helpful before presenting a meeting to your VP.

Rosemary is the plant that can do it all! It can improve your memory, reduce stress, and boost your mood, and lucky for you the aroma of the plant is enough to help!

Not to mention nothing will bring you more joy than getting to grow your own herbs, well maybe a promotion or perhaps an extra vacation day, but for the moments in between grow your own garden and enjoy the additionally added creativity and reduced stress. Also, are plants and gardens are wallflowers, and they tend to get the conversation started, so once your coworkers find out why you're growing your own plants, they might start hanging around your desk more instead of the coffee machine, just a heads up.

Let us know in the comments if you have grown any plants at work and if you saw any benefit.

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