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Click & Grow partners with Urban Cultivator to offer More Ways to Grow Plants

Click & Grow partners with Urban Cultivator to offer More Ways to Grow Plants

Urban cultivator greens.

We’re proud to announce a first-of-its-kind partnership with Urban Cultivator, enabling customers to grow Click & Grow plant pods on an even larger scale than before.

Urban Cultivator’s fully automated industrial gardens are designed to grow microgreens on a large scale for restaurants, cafés and other food service providers. As an enclosed system, it provides optimal growing conditions year-round by regulating temperature, humidity, and watering.

With the MatureGreens extension it’s now possible to grow 10 of the most popular Click & Grow herbs, salads, and flowers in Urban Cultivator commercial devices. With 69 plant pods per tray, it's the largest output device for Click & Grow plants, and the first one suitable for business customers.

Click & Grow Partnership Program

This collaboration also marks the launch of the Click & Grow Partnership Program. Since our founding in 2009, we’ve grown to become one of the most trusted and respected names in indoor gardening.

Our expertise and mature technology make it possible for more and more people around the world to grow their own food indoors, no matter where they live. With Click & Grow, users can grow plants 30% faster than they would using traditional methods. Our pre-seeded plant pods allow users to grow the fresh, vitamin-rich produce quickly and hassle-free.

The new program offers an easy way for partners to enter the world of indoor gardening with instant access to our technology, extensive plant portfolio, and customer engagement solutions.

Urban Cultivator device open.

Inviting New Partners

We’re opening the door to brands and companies outside of our industry who are interested in joining us. We’re also inviting companies from inside the segment to partner with us and develop new offers for their customers. We’re calling architects, interior designers, real estate developers, and hospitality operators to join us in developing living solutions for the future.

While we’ll continue to develop our own brand and portfolio, the new partnership program enables us to reach more people and create value from the knowledge we've gained as pioneers of the indoor gardening segment. Read more about our partnership program here.

About us

Founded in 2009, we’ve grown to become a leader in the world of indoor gardening, pioneering the concept of the easy-to-use automated smart garden that cares for itself. Our gardens fit seamlessly into homes as living décor while providing the freshest herbs, greens, fruits, vegetables, and decorative plants. 

For more information about us, click here.

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