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Click and Grow: Transplanting Tips And Pics Roundup

Click and Grow: Transplanting Tips And Pics Roundup

Got a smart garden? Did you know you can use it to start plants indoors before replanting them outside? That’s exactly what these Click and Growers have been doing! 

In a recent social media challenge, we asked members of our community to share pics of their transplanted plants, along with their favorite transplanting tips. The responses were inspiring and we’d like to share a few of them with you here!

Indoor tomato plant.

My first attempt at transplanting just had its first tomato!

My tip is that I actually pulled out the weakest tomato plant from my pod and replanted it in this pot. Instead of being a throw away, I’ve got a whole new plant!!

Nadine Poulos

Indoor gardening plant collage.

I guess, my garden and I are happy to have each other!

I started transplanting from my Click & Grow garden (that I’ve had for 5+ years now) about three years ago and now do it regularly. The results are very much worth it.

My main tip is that you need to give your plants time, attention and love - then they will love you back and even occasionally let you eat a bite or two off them here and there!

Happy Click and Growing!

Sergei Balabonin

Indoor gardens and plants on a kitchen countertop.

I love tomatoes. I’m growing both the Click and Grow pods in a Smart Garden 9. I have 3 large tomato plants that were started as seeds in the grow anything pods in my Smart Garden 9 and then transplanted. To get the pods to grow especially well, I recommend the pro cups with the holes. Transplanted seeds do work well. My big tip is to give them plant food once they’re transplanted.

Denise Johnson

Closeup of a chili pepper plant.

I have transplanted a couple of plants before! Last summer I started these chili peppers indoors and when it was nice enough outside I moved them to a small hanging planter. They did amazingly well. I got more than 10 little peppers!

My tip for transplanting the peppers is to wait until they have several big leaves before transplanting outside. This’ll help them with photosynthesis, particularly as the sun isn’t on for 16 hours a day like the smart garden lamp!

Abbi Slater 

Chili pepper plant growing indoors.

I transplanted my Click and Grow yellow chili plant into a self watering pot. It’s doing really well with over 20 peppers already growing and more blossoms to come. I put it in LECA with a wicking cord and added nutrients to the water. I mist the plant daily and it seems to be perking up. I love Click and Grow’s simplicity and effectiveness in a stunning unit. Thank you.

Kimberly Malone

Collage of colorful potted plants outdoors.

I live in a very hot climate so transplanting can be tough! I have had some luck, especially with the florals that are used to the heat on my balcony. Now some of them have really flourished! Pictured are my Madagascar Polka Dotted Plant & my pansies. 

My tips for transplanting would be to pot them in a pot large enough for them to grow. Water them on a regular schedule that’s suitable for the plants (since they no longer have the smart garden to do that for you!), and don't forget to remove wilted flowers/leaves as those can hinder the plant's growth.

Emma Pitnick

Many thanks to our community members for sharing their pics and tips. Are you part of the Click & Grow community yet? If not, join us today! We’re a global family made up of people from all walks of life who share an interest in gardening. Whether you’re a casual gardener or an expert, we can’t wait to welcome you. Let's enjoy sharing our experiences as we grow together.

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