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Click & Grow Wall Farm Mini: First Impressions

Upon launching, we organized a Facebook giveaway of our Wall Farm Mini - the smaller farm of our collection of the first truly affordable farms on the market. The Mini version makes growing 34 plants at once super easy and isn't hard on the eyes either!

The lucky winner of the giveaway - Jackson - has now set-up his prize and filmed a video of his first impressions of the farm through unboxing the capsules, planting, and so on.

Him and the Wall Farm Mini seem like a good match, as he admits to really love growing plants at home - you'll see his impressive collection in the video. If you don't quite understand our technology yet or the difference between us and hydroponics (yep, Click & Grow is NOT hydroponics), definitely give the video a watch - he'll explain it to you in a really simple and understandable way, as well as many of the Wall Farm's features. Just for a quick insight:

"Hydroponics actually means "working water". In this case, it's not the water that's doing the work - it's the Smart Soil. You don't add nutrients in the water - they're already in the Smart Soil itself."

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...and make sure to like our Facebook page for more giveaways like this. What would you like to know about the Wall Farm? Let us know in the comments below!
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