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Earth Day 2018: One Garden At A Time — One Tree At A Time

Earth Day 2018: One Garden At A Time — One Tree At A Time

Celebrating Earth Day! For every Smart Garden sold between April 22 — May 31 we will plant a tree. Join us to build a greener tomorrow!

For us, every day is Earth Day. Still, annual events like this are essential to raising awareness and spreading the word about important issues that affect the future of our planet.

Since 1990, deforestation has equaled the loss of 1,000 football fields of forest hourly. The area of the forest we have lost is larger than South Africa. If deforestation continues at the same pace, the Earth will have no forest left in less than 100 years. The loss of the trees adds 15% of CO2 to the atmosphere, which is even more carbon dioxide than all cars and trucks on the roads create globally.

Last year Click & Grow team planted 1200 trees in the clear-cut area of a local forest

At Click & Grow, we are deeply concerned about the planet’s future. Our products enable people to grow fresh GMO and pesticides free food hyper-locally, reducing food miles to the minimum. We’ve developed a NANO-inspired technology helping to reduce water consumption by 37 times and lose up to 98% fewer nutrients to the environment compared to traditional agriculture. Every Smart Garden sold brings us one step closer to fulfilling our mission of bringing large sustainable farms to the places where they are needed most.

Last year Click & Grow team committed to joining the global reforesting movement and planted 1200 trees in the clear-cut area of a local forest. This year, we are making this into a tradition, and we want to include all of our customers as well.

We will plant one tree for each Smart Garden 3, Smart Garden 9, Wall Farm, or Wall Farm Mini sold starting from Earth Day and until the end of May.

Yes, it is a small step we are taking, but we are changing the world our way. One garden at a time, one tree at a time.

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