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Growing With: @UrbanFarmerly

Growing With: @UrbanFarmerly
When it comes to growing your own food and herbs using indoor gardens we have to say our Click & Growers community is the best at it! You guys aren't afraid to try new techniques, share your results, and beautiful photos using #clickandgrow, and help others in the community who have questions! In honor of Father's Day, we interviewed Click & Grower Rupert Evill, @UrbanFarmerly, about Gardening with kids and how his family uses their fresh homegrown plants and how they plan to celebrate Father's Day!
indoor garden
Hi Rupert, thank you so much for being part of our Click & Grow community and for growing with us! We love your photos on Instagram and that you grow together as a family! Has gardening always been a hobby for you? When did it start?
Yes, it has. My parents were always keen gardeners, and now run a B&B where they serve a lot of produce they grow themselves. As soon as I had a place to call my own I started growing and experimenting.
You and your family live in Singapore, have you guys found it hard to have a home garden? What products have made it easier to garden at home?
Yes, it is hard. We don't really have any outdoor space (no balcony or garden, just a tiny stairwell which doesn't get much light). So we had to look at indoor alternatives. That's when we found Click & Grow. We're also very keen on repurposing and recycling, so try and use old bottles, jars etc. as improvised grow kits.
Because of the climate in Singapore are there any plants that you can’t grow that you would like to?
Well, indoors is a bit cooler than out, but there are still plenty of plants I used to grow in the UK that I wish I could [grow] here. Some of that is climate some is space. Like blueberries, strawberries, currants, apples, pears etc. But we've found the European herbs, and even kales grow pretty well indoors. Parsley is a bit tricky, but the Mediterranean herbs (rosemary, thyme, sage, basil etc.) grow really well.
How would you compare gardening in the city vs. having a backyard garden?
You need to be a lot more creative. Using unused space in your home (under a stairwell, an empty shelf, for example), and working out which windows face which directions. The upside is with innovations like Click & Grow it's a lot less messy that backyard gardening, where you have weeds, soil and pests to contend with!
You and your daughter grow a ton of plants together, what is her favorite plant to grow?
Basil! Because it's quick, easy and she can make pesto! She was desperate to grow a cucamelon, but we don't really have the climbing space!
What do you think is an essential skill that gardening at an early age teaches kids?
Responsibility and patience. It can also help calm a kid down - there's something calming about tending to plants, and it builds confidence and independence when they reap their first harvests.
You and your family just harvested a fresh batch of plants and herbs! Any recipes in mind for what you guys are going to make, or just for snacking?
We use the herbs in so many dishes, so sage and chicken pasta, pesto (on everything!), tomato mashes into the babies food and mizuna in stir-fries. Whatever we grow we find a use for!
Last question, Father’s Day is on Sunday, how are you and your family planning to celebrate?
I have no idea! Maybe go out for a meal, but with two young kids, it's dangerous to plan too much.
Thanks for being part of the community Rupert and we hope you and your family had a blast celebrating today!
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