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Plants not sprouting? Here’s what to do

Plants not sprouting? Here’s what to do

Girl observing plants growing in the Smart Garden 27.

Have you been waiting patiently for your plants to sprout? 

It’s tough waiting for something you want, especially when it’s something as exciting as growing plants. 

If you're having difficulty getting plants to sprout in your Click and Grow indoor garden, this guide will help you troubleshoot the problem.

Step 1: Check the plant care info

Plant care tips are written by our expert gardeners to help you prepare for each stage of your plant’s life cycle. 

To learn more about a plant, click on its name in our catalog. Then select the ‘plant care’ tab to see tips for that particular plant. These tips are general guidelines only, but can help you get started with your gardening. You can also check the ‘sprouts in’ information on the product package for an estimate of when your seeds will sprout.

To get detailed tips, we highly recommend registering your plant pod on the Click and Grow mobile app. Once registered, you'll receive timed tips at each relevant stage of your plant’s life cycle to guide you. 

Woman operating the Smart Garden 9 PRO using the Click and Grow mobile app.

Step 2: Check your room temperature

Plants need the right conditions to sprout. Room temperature is a big factor in that. When choosing which plants to grow in your smart garden, keep in mind that some varieties are more sensitive to heat than others. They all agree on one thing, however: they don’t like temperatures below 18°C / 64°F!

When temperature is within recommended range

Wait a few more days (up to 21). If your plant still hasn’t sprouted by then, reach out to support for a free replacement.

When temperature is not within recommended range

Alter room temperature as soon as possible so it’s within the recommended range. If that's not possible, we recommend choosing a new plant to grow that’s more suitable for your room temperature.

Examples of plants that prefer warmth (up to 86°F / 30°C):

Herbs: Rosemary, Basil (all varieties), Marjoram, Thyme

Fruiting Plants: Peppers, Chillies, Tomatoes

Examples of heat sensitive plants:

Greens (64°F - 72°F / 18°C - 22°C): Arugula, Bloody Sorrel, Kale, Pak Choi, Lettuces

Ornamentals: Both Black Pansy and Red Pansy (max 75°F / 24°C), Busy Lizzie (64°F - 75°F / 18 - 24°C), Ornamental Grass (max 72°F / 22°C)

Fruiting plants: Dwarf Pea (max 75°F / 24°C), Wild Strawberry (max 79°F / 26°C)

The Click and Grow 25.

Key takeaway:

If you follow the plant care tips and keep to the recommended room temperature, you can expect your Click and Grow plants to sprout within 21 days (often sooner). If your plants still don’t sprout after this time, reach out to our support team for a replacement.

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