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Summer Plant Care: 8 Things to Know

Summer Plant Care: 8 Things to Know

Many houseplants are originally from tropical environments and can handle summers pretty well. Some, however, require a little more care during the hotter months.

These tips should help your houseplants make it through summer*

1. Check for early signs of plant stress

Noticing early signs of summer stress could help save your plant. Are your plants’ leaves wilting? Do they have brown, sunburned patches? Are they turning pale or yellow? If so, it’s time to make some adjustments such as those listed in this post.

2. Keep the temperature cool

This is particularly important for any heat sensitive houseplants. Even with air conditioning, the temperature in certain rooms can be difficult to regulate. Move your houseplants to cooler rooms in your home if needed. Use fans during the day and open the windows at night to help keep plants from sweltering in the heat.

3. Mist your plants

Some houseplants, such as aloe vera, bamboo and orchids, appreciate higher levels of humidity. If this is the case with your houseplants, then consider misting them. Check out this helpful article on how to do this.

4. Adjust your watering schedule

Some plants, such as those in this article, only require a little watering, even in summer. Others, however, may require a little extra watering during the hotter months. You can check whether your plants need water by feeling the soil. If the soil is dry a few inches below the surface, it’s time to water. Water a little at a time using a watering can. This helps prevent overwatering.

5. Don’t re-pot your plants on a hot day

Repotting is a stressful experience for any plant and can lead to damage. Houseplants are already doing their best to combat the heat. Additional stress such as this may be too much for them to handle.

6. Keep plants away from direct sunrays

Plants sitting on south and west facing window sills are particularly vulnerable during hot weather. Unfortunately plants have no equivalent of sunscreen so it’s worth moving them to an area where they won’t be exposed to direct sunlight during the summer.

7. Prune moderately

Pruning benefits plants by encouraging new growth and a healthier shape. It’s still, however, a stressful experience for plants (in addition to coping with the summer heat). Where possible, wait for the temperature to get slightly cooler before pruning.

8. Gently dust your plants

When dust builds up on plants it becomes more difficult for them to absorb light. Every fortnight use a damp cloth to remove any buildup of dust on your plants.

*All tips in this article are intended for houseplants, not Click & Grow plant capsules. Check out this article for tips related to growing in Smart Gardens.

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