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This is Why Hyssop Will Make You Healthier

This is Why Hyssop Will Make You Healthier

For centuries, hyssop has been used as a medicine to treat a variety of ailments. With a Click & Grow Smart Garden, it’s easier than ever to grow this perennial plant from home.

Here are some health benefits commonly associated with hyssop:

Assists respiratory conditions

Folk healers have long believed that hyssop can aid with respiratory conditions. Now research also backs these claims. According to this study, hyssop extracts could be effective in treating respiratory infections caused by various microbes.

Assists digestion

Research has found that, alongside other extracts, hyssop can actually assist digestion. One of the ways it does this is by soothing and cleaning the mouth and throat.

Works as an antibiotic

According to a 2008 study, hyssop extract was found to be part of a successful composition for treating wounds.

Improves immune response

Like many herbs, Hyssop contains antioxidants. As research suggests, antioxidants can play a part in improving immune responses.

Relieves muscle pain

While further research is welcomed in this area, it’s widely believed that hyssop can help relieve muscle pain and spasms because it calms the respiratory and digestive systems.

Diminishes the appearance of acne scars

Studies such as this one reiterate the fact that hyssop possesses valuable antioxidant properties. Hyssop oil’s antimicrobial activity could help heal wounds and reduce the visibility of acne scars.

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Please note:

Hyssop should not be consumed during pregnancy. The information in this article is intended as a general reference for further exploration and is not a substitute for professional health advice.

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