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#TryThis: Our Branding Director: Hedi Mardisoo's Go-To Summer Drink!

#TryThis: Our Branding Director: Hedi Mardisoo's Go-To Summer Drink!

With a heat wave taking over almost every city this week, we're talking to you New York City, Los Angels, London, and Tallinn, and by the looks of it, next week too, we are always in search for a refreshing, cooling drink! Brownie points if there are ingredients we can grow in our indoor garden, like in this recipe that our Branding Director Hedi Mardisoo found and shared with all of us at the office.

Ingredients Needed:

Elderflower Syrup
Lime Syrup
Lemon Juice
Rosemary (leave it in for at least 30 minutes-1hour before serving)
Mineral water
Cute water cooler not included with Smart Gardens, but recommended purchase!
So while we get a grip on Global Warming and how to counteract the effects, one way to start is to shop local and grow your own food, we should all stay hydrated this summer!
Other really great ingredients to add to water if water is too boring for you:
And nothing beats a classic...
Lemon and Basil.
Want to share your favourite recipes for the summer? Send them our way at or in a Facebook Message!
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