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White Snapdragon: What Is it & How Can I Use It?

White Snapdragon: What Is it & How Can I Use It?

What makes white snapdragon such a fun plant to grow? Is it the fact it has a nose-like shape? Is it because its flowers snap open like puppets? Is it the plant’s brilliant colour? Perhaps it’s all of these things! Now, for the first time ever, you can grow white snapdragon in your Click & Grow indoor garden.

Snapdragon is a tender perennial with a colourful history. Believed to have originated in the Mediterranean, snapdragon was already being cultivated during Ancient Roman times. In medieval times, snapdragons were planted by the gates of castles as they were believed to offer protection. Many women would boil snapdragon to create an infusion for a youthful complexion. In Russian folklore, it was believed that snapdragons boosted the body’s energy. Today, snapdragons have become popular in gardens all over the world. In fact, in 1994, the US National Garden Bureau named snapdragon as their flower of the year.

In addition to being an ornamental plant, did you know snapdragon’s flowers are edible? Its taste could be described as a slightly bitter pea pod. Why not use your white snapdragon in this Herb Salad with Edible Flowers recipe or this Spring Salad recipe? And don’t limit it to salads! Unleash your creativity and use it as a garnish for desserts and cocktails too.

Snapdragon is especially fun to grow with kids as it's an interactive plant. Once in bloom, they can gently pinch the flowers to make them open and close like a dragon’s mouth. The plant requires very little care, however there a few things worth remembering:

  • You can expect it to sprout within 2 weeks.
  • You’ll see its first flowers approximately 50 days after planting.
  • Once the plant has finished flowering, we recommend cutting back the flower stem, leaving one-third of the plant to grow. New stems with flower buds will soon emerge and the plant will reflower.
  • It grows very well in all climates.

Have fun growing white snapdragon in your smart garden! Stay tuned for more exciting plant launches in the near future.


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