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Your Guide to Choosing a Click & Grow Smart Garden

Your Guide to Choosing a Click & Grow Smart Garden

Can you imagine life without plants? Neither can we. Plants are the silent healers of our world. They have a positive influence on our physical health, our emotions and even our stress levels. They also teach us some amazing life lessons. With Click & Grow’s fully automated indoor gardens, it’s easier than ever to grow your favorite fruits, greens, herbs and flowers at home.

Owning a smart indoor garden brings countless benefits such as:

  • Access to fresh, homegrown food 365 days a year
  • Improved nutrition
  • Less food waste
  • Endless cooking possibilities
  • Luscious greenery in your home
  • Increased air quality
  • Beautiful ambient light
  • Decorative plants for home, office and school
  • A unique conversation starter when entertaining guests
  • An educational resource for families and schools

How does our technology work?

First things first. Technology. Ever seen how a coffee capsule machine works? Well, our smart gardens work in a similar style! Instead of coffee pods, we produce biodegradable plant pods that you click into your smart garden.

These pods contain a unique substance called smart soil’ which is at the heart of our technology. What makes smart soil superior to regular potting soil? Firstly, it’s 100% clean. We check every batch of smart soil against 500 of the most commonly used chemicals in agriculture, ensuring you get the cleanest produce possible. We also check to make sure there aren’t any heavy trace metals or harmful stuff inside.

Smart soil already contains nutrients for your plant and automatically distributes them to the roots. It enables plants to be fed with the highest precision, resulting in produce that’s high in essential vitamins and minerals. Thanks to smart soil, water is distributed evenly throughout the entire plant pod and available to the roots when needed. At the same time, it gives the plant roots constant, unrestricted access to oxygen. Furthermore, smart soil maintains consistent pH levels which leads to healthier plants.

While smart soil is doing its work, the smart garden’s lamp provides your plants with the optimal amount of light. All of our gardens contain energy efficient LED lamps. Within the lamps are inbuilt timers for a 16 hours on and 8 hours off cycle for optimal growth. The garden’s water float will let you know when it’s time to add more water. Easy!

Which Smart Garden is ideal for you?

All of our smart gardens are designed to make your life easier. We believe growing plants at home should be a stress-free experience that anyone can enjoy. Before you consider which smart garden is ideal for you, let’s check out some of the basic specs for each model:

Smart Garden 3 Smart Garden 9 Smart Garden 9 PRO Smart Garden 27 Wall Farm
Plant capacity 3 9 9 27 51
Plants included in complementary starter kit 3 x basil 3 x mini tomato
3 x green lettuce
3 x basil
3 x mini tomato
3 x green lettuce
3 x basil
9 x basil
9 x green lettuce
9 x mini tomato
1 of the following:

Herb & Salad Kit
Salad Kit
Dark Greens Kit
Herb Kit
Flower Kit
Variety Kit
Accessories included 2 x lamp extension arms - - - Plant Stand (sent separately)
- Accessories bag
- Assembly wrench
App compatibility - Timed plant care tips
- Video tutorials
- Timed plant care tips
- Video tutorials
- Timed plant care tips
- Video tutorials
- Remotely connect to lamp
- Adjust lighting schedule
- Timed plant care tips
- Video tutorials
Not compatible, although general plant care tips accessible via plant catalogue on app
Monthly power usage (approx) 3.8 kWh 6.2 kWh 6.2 kWh 18.6 kWh 57.6kWh
Size 11.8in x 4.7in x 13.4in /
30cm x 12cm x 34cm. (length, width, height, with one extension)
23.6in x 7.5in x 15.8in /
59cm x 19cm x 39cm. (length, width, height, with one extension)
23.6in x 7.5in x 15.8in / 59cm x 19cm x 39cm. (length, width, height, with one extension) 47in x 26in x 10.3in / 120cm x 66.5cm x 26.5cm. (plant stand which holds 3 x Smart Garden 9) 79.6in x 53.1in x 15.7in /
202.1cm x 134.8cm x 40cm
(height, width, depth)

Smart Garden 3

What makes the Smart Garden 3 so popular? We can think of several reasons… but mostly the fact that it’s so darned cute. It’s the no-nonsense, entry-level indoor garden that never looks out of place.

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Ideal for small apartments or houses
  • Ideal for growing herbs and flowers
  • Great for people who live alone
  • Great resource for teaching children about plant growing
  • Looks amazing on windowsills, kitchen counters, office tables, classroom shelves, dining tables.


Smart Garden 9

Looking for something a little more substantial? The Smart Garden 9 is the next step up from the Smart Garden 3. By creating your own harvest cycle, you can enjoy a near-constant supply of fresh greens for you and your loved one.

  • Perfect for small families who want to enjoy more homegrown food
  • Ideal for small to medium sized apartments or houses
  • Great for growing ingredients to cook with
  • Great for growing tea herbs, flowers and fruiting plants
  • Looks amazing as a centerpiece or in a more prominent place in your kitchen. Still compact enough for a small classroom or office.


Smart Garden 9 PRO

If you’re a fan of the Smart Garden 9, you’ll love the Smart Garden 9 PRO. It includes all the features of the Smart Garden 9 but with some cool extras.

  • App controlled lighting - create a customised lighting schedule for your smart garden.
  • Use bluetooth to pair your phone with the garden lamp. Choose the exact times you want the light to switch on and off.
  • Switch lights on or off temporarily according to your needs. Having an early night? Use your phone to switch the lamp off from the comfort of your bed.
  • Touch sensitive lamp - snooze the lamp by swiping your hand over it.
  • Looks amazing as a centerpiece or in a room where you’ll entertain guests.
  • Ideal for lovers of technology
  • NB. Mobile phone not included!


Smart Garden 27

Want to enjoy some serious yields? The Smart Garden 27 could be just what you’re looking for. It’s also a great resource for teaching and cooking as this culinary arts instructor found out!

  • Ideal for a constant supply of salad greens and herbs to consume in every meal
  • Great for decorating wall space in a living room, dining room or kitchen
  • Perfect for a regular supply of greens and herbs for a small family
  • Ideal for slightly larger apartments.
  • Also effective in smaller apartments as it makes efficient use of vertical space


Wall Farm

Go big or go home, right? The Click & Grow Wall Farm is the best way to cover your family’s need for fresh greens by planting pods in rotation.

  • Ideal for spacious houses, apartments or offices
  • Often used as room divider
  • Perfect for a medium to large sized family
  • Great for growing anything from greens to herbs to flowers
  • Perfect for indoor gardening enthusiasts

Each Wall Farm comes with a starter kit of your preference. Here are the options:

Herb & Salad Kit:

9 green lettuce, 9 romaine lettuce, 9 arugula, 9 basil, 9 curly parsley and 9 chives plant pods.

Salad Kit:

18 green lettuce, 18 romaine lettuce, 9 red Kale and 9 leaf mustard plant pods.

Dark Greens Kit:

9 romaine lettuce, 9 red kale, 9 pak choi, 9 bloody sorrel, 9 leaf mustard and 9 arugula plant pods.

Herb Kit:

9 thyme, 9 rosemary, 9 basil, 9 cilantro, 9 chives and 9 curly parsley plant pods.

Flower Kit:

18 busy lizzie, 18 petunia and 18 moss rose plant pods.

Variety Kit:

9 mini tomato, 9 chili pepper, 9 basil, 9 curly parsley, 9 green lettuce and 9 arugula plant pods.


Plant Catalogue

We’re super proud of our plant portfolio and we’re constantly launching new plants to meet your needs. Choose from a wide variety of fruits, greens, herbs, flowers and mixes to grow in your smart garden.

Want to grow fresh basil for pesto? No problem, Click & Grow has a large collection of basil, including cinnamon basil, dwarf basil, holy basil, and Thai basil. All can be grown indoors with a smart garden.

Fancy a delicious salad? Our collection contains leafy greens such as green lettuce, romaine lettuce, pak choi, green chard, and many more.

Adore spicy food? Grow some hot chillies to spice up your meals. Varieties include chili pepper, purple chili pepper, piri piri chili pepper, and red hot chili pepper among others.

Perhaps you consider yourself a tea connoisseur? Many of our plants can be used to make a perfect cup of tea, ideal for soothing your nerves after a long day. Varieties include garden sage, lemon balm, marjoram, thyme, and many more.

You can also grow decorative plants to boost your interior. Popular choices include black pansy, busy lizzie, cockscomb among many others.

You can also use experimental pods to grow your own seeds!


Optional Accessories

Whether you’re looking for spare parts or a fun gift, our accessories have you covered.

NB. All smart gardens and the Wall Farm already come with plastic cups, domes, wicks, lamps and floats. The smart garden 3 also comes with extension arms.

Pro Plant Cups

Designed for advanced users. Increases the root space of plants which prolongs their lifespan and increases yield for herbs and fruiting plants. Does require some maintenance but the results are well worth it! Learn more here.

Plastic Cups

In need of some replacement plant cups for your smart garden? Look no further than our regular smart garden plastic cups.


It’s always handy to have spare domes on hand. They help seeds sprout faster by creating greenhouse-like conditions.


The wick is the stick located in your smart garden cup. It absorbs water from the tank and transfers it to the plant pod.

Smart Garden 3 Extension Arm

Use this to extend the lamp of your Smart Garden 3. Suitable for when your plants are growing particularly tall.

Smart Garden 9 Extension Arms

While we don’t recommend adding extension arms to the Smart Garden 9 (the light can become too diluted), we believe you should have the option to if you wish!

Smart Garden 3 Float

Replacement float for the Smart Garden 3. The float is used to indicate the water level.

Smart Garden 3 Lamp

Replacement LED lamp for your Smart Garden 3.

Smart Garden Plant Stand

Features 3 shelves customised to perfectly hold Smart Garden 9s.

Herb Shears

Perfect for trimming or harvesting your Click & Grow plants. Can also be used for outdoor plants.

Gift Card

Not sure what to get that special someone? Opt for a digital Click & Grow gift card. Perfect for expressing your appreciation at birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas.

Herb Saver

Triples the lifespan of your fresh Click & Grow herbs. Simply open it, pop in your herbs, shut it, add fresh water and voila!


Save money with a Click & Grow subscription

Opting for a customisable subscription plan will save you time and money. If you already own a smart garden, you can choose a plant pod subscription, ensuring you never run out of plants to grow. On the other hand, if you’re just getting started with indoor gardening, you can take advantage of our indoor garden + plant pod subscription which will give you a Smart Garden 9 with a year’s supply of plants.


So, if you’ve always wanted to grow your own vitamin rich food at home, free from additives, why not start today? Indoor gardening is one of the most health conscious hobbies you could ever take up. Getting into the habit of consuming vitamin packed, homegrown food has benefits that will last a lifetime. Join thousands of Click & Growers around the world who’ve already found success growing their own plants at home.

Begin your indoor gardening adventure today!

Grow the freshest,tastiest herbs any time of year

Fully automated indoor gardens that grow plant pods for you while making sure they have enough water, light, oxygen and nutrients.

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