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10 Eco-Friendly Gifts You’ll Want to Keep For Yourself

10 Eco-Friendly Gifts You’ll Want to Keep For Yourself

At Click & Grow we believe indoor gardening is one of the healthiest, most satisfying activities anyone can do. Gardening is a way of life, a form of escapism and a chance to create order out of chaos. Whether you’re a dedicated indoor or outdoor gardener or you simply love nature, here are a few gift ideas we think you’ll like.

1. Plant mister

Plants need humidity, especially during the winter when fireplaces and heating dry the air. Tropical plants, in particular, thrive in humid environments. Using a plant mister is an easy way to give your plants moisture, making sure their leaves don’t dry out.

2. Cinnamon powder

The holidays wouldn’t be complete without a sprinkling of cinnamon powder. Use it to make cookies, spice mixes or festive cakes. You can also add a hint of cinnamon to the surface of smart soil as a natural mold deterrent.

3. Variable temperature kettle

Different types of tea benefit from specific brewing temperatures. Water that’s too hot can cause some teas to lose their intricate flavour. A variable temperature kettle will look stylish in your kitchen and slightly reduce your electricity bill by using lower temperatures.

4. Rainwater collection barrel

A rainwater barrel will store rainwater that drains from your roof. Using one can also reduce your water bill, especially when you consider the amount of landscape watering you may do during the summer months. Rainwater, just like most tap water anywhere, is safe for Click & Grow plants.

5. Music for plants album

Research suggests that sound waves with certain frequencies and intensities can have positive effects on plant growth. With a variety of downloadable albums available, why not treat your plants to some sound therapy?

6. Subscription to a watering diary app

With a Click & Grow smart garden, watering is easy - the garden automatically does it. When it comes to other houseplants and outdoor plants, it’s easy to forget to water them, no matter how much you love them. A watering diary app takes that burden off your shoulders, reminding you when it's time to water your plants.

7. Subscription to Ron Finley Teaches Gardening

This super popular masterclass focuses on growing your own food in a creative way. Just as is the case with indoor gardens, this inspiring series shows you don’t need a green thumb to grow plants.

8. Children’s book: Lola Plants a Garden

Kids already learn so much about plants by using a smart garden. This book will add even more fun to the learning process. The story is about a young girl who plants a garden in her yard. It teaches kids about the research that goes into planting a garden and having patience while waiting for plants to grow.

9. Book: Free Plants for Everyone: The Good Guide to Plant Propagation

A very useful resource for those interested in starting their own plant nursery. It also gives tips on how to become a more economical gardener, how to save seeds and how to grow almost anything. You can even add to your plant collection by growing young plants in your smart garden to replant later.

10. Water bottle with herbs infuser

After harvesting vitamin-rich herbs from your smart garden, add them to your infuser water bottle and take sips throughout the day. This is a smart, tasty way to hydrate and cleanse your body. Herb infused water also contains antioxidants.

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