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5 Sustainable Estonian Startups to be Inspired By

5 Sustainable Estonian Startups to be Inspired By

Did you know that Click & Grow was founded and is based in a small, innovative Nordic country called Estonia?

Estonia is an excellent environment for businesses. Estonia also ranks 3rd in Europe when it comes to the highest number of startups per capita.

Here are 5 sustainable Estonian startups that are innovating the world...

1) Starship Technologies

Starship Technologies is the world’s leading autonomous delivery service provider. They build autonomous robots for local deliveries and they are now offering on-demand deliveries for businesses and consumers by providing a robot delivery platform as-a-service.

Robots don’t make any noise or produce any greenhouse gases. They can help to reduce traffic congestion and pollution by removing cars and vans from the last mile delivery process. Robots are already making deliveries in San Jose CA, London, Hamburg, Tallinn and several other locations.

2) Stigo

Stigo produces the world's fastest folding electric vehicles. Stigo bikes help you avoid making short journeys by car. Bikes can go up to 25km/H and travel about 15-19 km on a single charge. When folded, you can easily pull the bike along like hand luggage. Trips made by Stigo bikes are 95% more energy efficient than trips made my cars.

3) Cityntel

Cityntel makes next generation, cost effective Smart Street Light Controls.

Smart street lights save up to 80% of the electricity consumption of regular street lights. Each Smart street light has a wireless controller that knows the current date, time and when it is getting dark. When there are less people on the streets, the system reduces brightness to save energy. Smart street lights are already used in Tallinn and Tartu.

4) Flydog Marine

Flydog Marine makes Cloud-based data buoys that collect environmental information, monitor the climate and prevent floods (one of the the main threats that comes with the ongoing climate change). Buoys are made in Estonia -

5) Roofit Solar

Roofit Solar produces metal roofs that produce sustainable energy. This solution is more affordable compared with the combination of regular roofs and conventional solar panels. It significantly reduces a home’s electricity bill.

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