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Don’t Let Size Fool You: All the Benefits of Our Mini Tomatoes

Don’t Let Size Fool You: All the Benefits of Our Mini Tomatoes

If you are already in love with Click and Grow’s Mini Tomato because of its genuine “tastes like grandma’s”- we have even more good news for you! You have probably already heard that tomato fruits have a long list of health benefits. It is widely known to improved eyesight and stomach health. Also, it reduces blood pressure, provides relief from diabetes, skin problems, urinary tract infections and fights with cancer. Wanting to make sure we offer the cleanest and freshest produce, we got scientific evidence to back up these claims.

tomato infographic

So, we got inspired and took our Click and Grow Mini Tomato to the laboratory and compared it with a long-stored tomato from a grocery store, you know- the tomato that looks like one but has no genuine tomato smell or taste. We had experts studying the samples and this is what we found out:

The antioxidative activity is 2.5 times higher in Click and Grow Mini Tomato than a regular tomato from a grocery store!

Adding antioxidants to your diet is good for you. Really, antioxidants neutralize harmful free radicals in the blood and help you stay healthy.

There is 2 times more lycopene in Click and Grow tomato. Lycopene is the most powerful antioxidant that is most often found in tomato fruits, which makes tomato a superfood. It does not only give the tomato it’s signature red colour, it also has incredible antioxidant capabilities: helps to prevent cancer and cell damage, keeps your eyes, brain, heart and even bones healthy. What is interesting about tomatoes, is that it is probably the only vegetable that gets even better when cooked for a long time. Usually vegetables lose their nutritional value if cooked for too long but it is the opposite with tomato and its lycopene content. Lycopene in fresh tomato is usually in the all-trans configuration, which means it is not absorb easily. But, if it has gone through thermal processing e.g. stewing, the all-trans lycopene will break down to cis-isomers, which immediately raises its absorption. So, stewing the legendary Italian tomato sauce for three hours really makes sense.

Also, there is 2 times more sugars in Click and Grow tomato. So, it is not just tasty but you’ll also get a full stomach because Click and Grow tomato has a higher nutritional value due to carbohydrates that your body also needs to function.


Why is it so?

The main reason why the Click and Grow Mini Tomato is so much healthier than a regular tomato available in a grocery store is that at your home you can harvest your tomatoes whenever you wish. This means you can harvest your tomato when it is super ripe, has the highest nutritional value and you can eat it fresh. The problem with grocery store tomatoes is that they use cultivars that are meant to last long in storage and they must be super durable for transportation. Sometimes tomatoes are picked half ripe so they could meet other quality measures. Sadly, the quality indicators we emphasize are decreased in breeding process, because customers prefer rather a tomato in one piece than a super ripe and healthy one.

Our gardeners have selected the one cultivar that is best for you.


These benefits are mostly feasible due to Click and Grow Smart Soil technology. It is designed to give the best properties and nutrients to your tomatoes, that they can grow careless and bear fruits without any harmful substances e.g. fungicides or pesticides. And when you add a smart gardening system to it with its lightning and watering- you’ll have it all with no effort.

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