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How to Harvest Lettuce Like a Pro

How to Harvest Lettuce Like a Pro

So you’ve started growing lettuce in your smart garden and now it’s time to harvest! Well, if you want to maximize your yields and the health of your lettuce plants, then this guide is for you. We’ll show you how to harvest lettuce perfectly every time! This guide applies to all Click & Grow lettuce varieties.

Red leaf lettuce growing in a Click & Grow Smart Garden 9.

Use a pair of sharp shears

Use a clean, sharp pair of shears to harvest your lettuce. For maximum precision, use Click & Grow herb shears. They’re perfect for trimming plants in your smart indoor garden. You can also use them for plants in your garden bed in your backyard. To keep track, use our free Click & Grow app that reminds you when and how to harvest your lettuce.

Option 1: Single Harvest

Trim entire plant 30 - 35 days after planting

If you don’t mind waiting a little while to enjoy your lettuce, we recommend harvesting your entire plant in one go between day 30 - 35. After that, you can plant new pods.

The single harvest is easy - simply cut off the whole plant above the soil level. By doing so, you can use the whole plant and nothing goes to waste.

When your lettuce is ready to harvest, don’t delay! After 40 days, the plant won’t produce any more yield and may lose its signature flavor.

Option 2: Gradual Harvest 

Cut off large outer leaves first (25 days after planting)

By cutting the outer leaves first, you allow the young central leaves to keep growing. Over time, as you harvest more of your plant, you can move towards the center leaves. When using this method, take care not to cut too close to the plant’s basal growing point.

Harvest this way until the plant is a maximum of 40 days old. If your lettuce plant pod has reached maturity, harvest it all in one go by making the cut just above the soil level.

For a visual guide, check out our video tutorial:

Bonus tips for growing lettuce

Check the room temperature

Lettuce generally prefers cool weather. To help your Click & Grow lettuce germinate faster and produce more growth, keep the room temperature between 64 to 72 °F (18 to 22°C). If the temperature goes above 75°F (24°C) it could affect germination. It may also cause plants to bolt which decreases yield and makes the flavor bitter.

Avoid ‘tip burn’

If the tips of your lettuce leaves become brown, it could be because the temperature is too high. It could also be because the plant is older than 40 days and was not harvested in time.

Avoid leggy growth

If plants aren't getting enough hours of light or the temperature is too high, they start to stretch out and look pale (as opposed to luscious and bushy). So, if you’re growing in hot weather, be sure the indoor room temperature is still suitable for lettuce.

Avoid using 2 lamp extensions if you’re growing in the Smart Garden 9 or Smart Garden 9 PRO. Just 1 lamp extension is enough.

Click & Grow lettuce is best grown in the Smart Garden 9, Smart Garden 9 PRO, Smart Garden 27 or Wall Farm. These provide optimized growing conditions for greens in general. The Smart Garden 3 is ideal for flowers and herbs, especially long lasting herbs.

What type of lettuce can you grow in your smart garden?

Never grown lettuce in a smart garden before? Try some popular varieties from our catalog. Enjoy your salad greens knowing that Click & Grow lettuce is super nutritious. Each plant pod is pre-gardened, containing smart soil, plant nutrients and lettuce seeds. 

You don’t have to wait for the lettuce growing season which is traditionally spring or autumn. With your smart garden you can grow lettuce indoors, any time of year.

Fresh Click & Grow lettuce contains 3x higher antioxidant levels compared to lettuce grown in hydroponic systems. It also contains 2x higher antioxidant levels compared to supermarket lettuce sold in a plastic bag.

Click & Grow Green Lettuce on a white backdrop.

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Click & Grow Romaine Lettuce on a white backdrop.

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Click & Grow Oakleaf Lettuce on a white backdrop.

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Click & Grow Red Lettuce on a white backdrop.

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Have fun growing fresh lettuce in your Click & Grow smart garden!

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