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Meet Kadri, our E-commerce Business Manager

Meet Kadri, our E-commerce Business Manager

Kadri, Digital Marketing Manager at Click & Grow


Here's how Kadri describes herself & her path to Click & Grow:


"My background is primarily in advertising agencies, where I have worked with various clients across various industries. At some point, I understood that I wanted to find a workplace that aligns more closely with my values, particularly those related to sustainability and environmentalism. That's when I discovered Click & Grow. I was drawn to the company's mission and values and knew that this was a workplace where I could make a meaningful impact with my skills. Regarding hobbies and interests, I like to stay active and go on long bike rides or hikes in nature. I also enjoy cooking and experimenting with new plant-based recipes. And of course, reading, who doesn't love it!".


Which aspect of working at Click & Grow do you enjoy the most?


I must say, my colleagues. People at Click & Grow are incredibly talented, friendly, and passionate about their work.


What are some of the most important things you’ve learned at C&G?


I have definitely learned the value of teamwork and collaboration. Great ideas come to life thanks to people with different skills and perspectives all working together towards a common goal.


What is your favorite place in nature?


Muhu. There's just something magical in this little island.


Kadri on Muhu island


What is the biggest plant you’ve seen / most amazing plant you’ve had a chance to meet?


That's a tricky question. The first plant that comes to mind is a huge Agathis robusta (Kauri pine) in a botanical garden in Sri Lanka.


Name a song that cheers you up every time:


Dancing in The Moonlight - Toploader


How many houseplants do you have?




What is your favorite plant to grow in a Smart Garden?




Kadri's Smart Garden

Kadri's Smart Garden 27

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